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Medical Analytics

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Investigation and development

Research and development projects of Medical Analytics (2019 - 2024).

Medical Analytics S.L. In collaboration with universities and the CSIC research center, it is working on 2 R + D + i projects:


Project 1: Development of a mobile application specialized in the health sector.

This application will be aimed at patients and health professionals. It will open a new way of interaction between the medical professional and patients.


Project 2: DNA Biosensor.

A biosensing system will be developed (that does not require auxiliary equipment, robot, or specialized personnel that manipulates it) and that will be specific to allow the detection of concrete DNA sequences through a macroscopically visible color change.


Project 3: Bioplastic production technology for use in the health sector.

Develop a technology to produce bioplastic by biological means and that this bioplastic can be used in the manufacture of sanitary instruments.


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